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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Protect your Kindle

My only close disaster with my kindle came shortly after receiving it. I had my hands full, and tried to open the car door. I dropped the Kindle, and it hit the ground scraping the plastic case and putting a small ding in the screen. I felt really stupid, but was relieved that nothing was badly damaged, and the ding isn't usually noticeable when I'm reading.

The next day I picked up a soft cover case at Walmart for $15, but I really wanted a light for reading at night. Amazon has a line of beautiful leather cases (in many colors) with an integrated LED reading light. The LED pulls out for reading, and slides back in when not needed. It's powered by the Kindle itself, so no additional batteries needed. The case keeps the charging port (USB) clear, and it folds back. You can also keep it open to give the Kindle more of a book feel when using it. The Kindle easily snaps into two metal clips that carry the power to the LED light. There is easily enough light to make the complete screen legible, even in complete darkness, but the keypad is less so.

In my opinion, this is a must have accessory. - Kindle Leather Lighted Cover

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